USDA extends waivers

Great news! The USDA has extended summer meals waiver through Dec. 31. This makes it much easier for schools and other organizations to feed all children for free.

The waivers apply to the Summer Food Service Program and the Seamless Summer program. But since the pandemic has forced many schools to operate virtually, school districts can provide meals throughout the fall, free to all children, under these waivers.

The USDA is also allowing afterschool program operators to provide virtual activities. This fulfills the requirement that afterschool meal sponsors provide structured activities to children in order to be reimbursed for snacks and suppers served.

These changes will help communities meet the growing need for healthy food for familes across New Jersey, struggling with lost wages during this tough time.

To learn more about participating in the federally-funded child nutrition programs, visit the New Jersey Department of Agriculture’s website or call (609) 984-0692.

Read USDA’s News Release

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