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USDA extends waivers

he USDA has extended summer meals waiver through Dec. 31. This makes it much easier for schools and other organizations to feed all children for free.

NJ lags on CEP

Just half of NJ schools are using an option that allows them to feed school meals to all students for free. Known as Community Eligibility,

Find help to feed kids during outbreak

Find grants and other resources to help feed NJ kids during the coronavirus outbreak. Our latest e-news has info for schools and community organizations that

USDA offers guidance for feeding kids

The USDA posted guidance for schools to help them feed children during the coronavirus pandemic. This Q&A addresses issues involved with feeding children through the

school meals lunch shaming

Anti lunch shaming bill advances

Hunger-Free Students’ Bill of Rights Act passed the state Assembly last week — a significant step toward outlawing “lunch shaming” in the Garden State.